The Ghost House
Cassie, Age 12, Merced, CA

It was a cold December night, two days before Christmas. My brother (Tommy) and I (Trisha), made plans the day before, to go to the Ghost House in the woods. It has been there for more than 100 years. Today was going to be the first day, we were going to see it. We decided to go because, we had heard legends about it.

I got out of my bed at 5:00 a.m., and ran to my brother's room. As usual he was snoring like a pig, who had not slept for three weeks. I grabbed his pajama shirt, and started pulling. It felt like my nails were going to fall off, from pulling so hard. After awhile of pulling, he still didn’t wake up. So I decided to do the best thing to wake someone up, the water jug.

I ran to the kitchen and opened the fridge, to grab the water jug. The light of the fridge looked like it bounced off the ground and hit the wall. I grabbed the jug, and started to close the fridge. Before I closed it all the way, a shadow caught my attention. I slowly turned around, and... it was not there anymore. So I shut the fridge, and ran to my brother's room, thinking what that shadow was.

I was on the side of my brother's bed, with the jug opened. I started to tip the jug, but I saw the shadow again. This time it was outside my brother's window, and it looked scarier than before. I was shaking so bad the jug tipped and got my brother all wet. Before he had a chance to scream, I clamped his mouth shut with my hand.

He opened his eyes and saw the water jug in my hand. Tommy pulled my hand of his mouth and started talking.

He said, “Why did you get me all wet?”

“Shh.” I whispered. My eyes were fixed to the window where the shadow was standing.

“What are you looking at?” Tommy asked. I looked down at Tommy, he looked really frightened.

Tommy asked, “Trisha, what is wrong?”

I said, “Look out the window, there is something out there.”

Tommy said, “Don’t be crazy, there is nothing out there.”

“Oh, yes there is, I saw it with my own eyes!” I whispered. “It's like a shadow that keeps following me, and it freaks me out.” I said with fear in my eyes. I asked, “Can you please come with me Tommy?” He didn’t answer, after awhile of waiting. I then said, “I think the shadow came from the Ghost House.” The look in Tommy’s face when I said Ghost House, gave me shivers down my back.

He finally got up, and put his clothes on. We went down stairs, when we reached the bottom, I was shivering. I looked over my shoulder, and Tommy wasn’t there. I ran around the house looking for him, he was no where in sight. I started to really worry after an hour of looking.

After looking in the house, I decided to look outside. When I went outside it was cold and muggy. It felt like someone or something was haunting my brother and I. I looked behind bushes, around the house, and in the house again. When I went into the house I came to my brothers room. I opened the door, and I realized what happened. Tommy must have came back to his room to grab his jacket, and.... and that shadow got him.

As soon as those words came out of my mouth, I started to cry. I thought to myself, why now, why did he have to leave now? I sat down on his bed thinking what to do to get him back. Well, for one thing I can’t tell my parents because, they will go wacko on me, so I’m going to get him myself.

I started to head back outside, but I saw the shadow again. This time it was two shadows. I thought, it has to be that thing and he has my brother. I opened the door and ran around the outside of the house, where he was standing. It was not there again, so I started running around in circles, panicking. When I finally calmed myself down, I was fine for a minute, just a little minute. Then I saw a couple bushes moving towards the woods. I said to myself, “Well it’s not windy, It must have been the thing.

I ran over to the bush, and looked down, there were footprints. I started to follow them, they led to a lot of places I have never seen. Then the footprints stopped, dead in their tracks. I looked up, there was stairs leading to an old gray house. I walked up the stairs, the wood creaking under my own two feet.

When I reached the door, it had a sign written in blood, and it was still wet blood. It read, “ Hello Trisha, Welcome to the Ghost House, we have your brother!” Anger built up inside of me, I felt like a bull about to charge. I started to hit the door uncontrollably, till it opened. I looked behind it no one was there, the door must have opened by itself, or it was a ghost. I walked in a little farther, it felt like someone was pushing me out of the way. The house smelt like old water, and mould, there was a whole bunch of rooms. I walked into one of the rooms, it was dark and it smelt like dead. I turned on the light, there was to dead bodies, I screamed and ran out.

I reached the other door, it had another sign. This one said, “If you want your brother open this door!”

That’s when I started to get really scared, my hand shot out towards the door knob. The knob was wet and slimy, I didn’t know what it was but it was disgusting. When the door was opened, there was a tiny body in the corner, and it looked like my brother. I ran over there, and as soon as I reached him. The lights turned on and the door shut, I was so scared. I looked over to my brother. He was duct taped in the corner. I started to rip off pieces of the duct tape, it was so sticky, I felt bad for Tommy.

When I finally had all the duct tape off, I picked him up. I started to run to the door, I opened the door and ran down the stairs. Tommy was starting to wake up, when I reached the house it was almost day. I opened the door, and my mom and dad were standing there, worried to death.

We told them everything about Tommy and I. Ever since that day when Tommy was kidnapped, I have been more protective of him. We never did find out what that creature was, but we also did not want to know.

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