Life Is a Game
Karina, Age 12, Ontario, Canada

The anger flushed out,
What was she supposed to do?!
She knew her parents hated her,
hated her so called "attitude".

In their mind they only had her sister,
did they care for her?!
NO! they just thought of her,
as an extra mouth to feed.

She wasn't an asset to the family,
just one who's there to work.
She isn't given the attention she deserves,
the only thing she gets from her parents is hate.

They didn't trust her,
No, she was always wrong.
They didn't love her,
she was a doll.

They didn't know about her,
she hid herself well.
But then again, why would they care?
She was always alone at home.

What did they do?
They ignored her.
If they didn't do that,
they'd yell at her to take off stress.

She felt she had nothing,
everything was given to her sister.
Did she get what she wanted?
No, none of her parents cared.

Her mom didn't want her,.
She cared more about her reputation.
Everything bad was blamed on the girl.
One of these days, she was going to fight back.

She wouldn't be afraid anymore.
It was all just a game now...
Life is just a game.

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