The Off-white Bedsheet Ghost
Mark and Tony, Age 12, Merced, CA

The cool air rushed through the abandoned prison as a laugh of sheer horror echoed through the cells and rattled the bars that held men captive for always and eternity.

The night sky was dark. Only the illumination of the street lamps flickered as Ryan, a normal every day student in the third grade sauntered door-to-door pleading for his beloved Halloween sweets. Acting as a daunting ghost in an off-white bed sheet, he thought of himself as a friend of the supernatural, but learned the supernatural have no friends.

As the wolves howled at the yellow pizza in the sky, Ryan quickened his pace to jog as he crossed the looming row of houses. Then, unsuspectingly, he rushed full force into a group of popular hooligans who were painting the principal's new red-hot convertible purple.

“Sorry,” Ryan exclaimed.

“Back off, buddy,” all three of them said in unison.

“Wait a second,” the leader of the three stooges whispered to the other two. “Let’s have a laugh tonight!” Then turning to Ryan he said, “Sorry, I thought it was someone else, but you can be in our club. First, we are really hungry and we don’t have any candy, but we heard that there is a bucket of candy in the old abandoned prison. Can you get it?"

Too young and too childish to understand their prank, he foolishly agreed.

As he entered the penitentiary the rotten smell fungi assented through his nostrils.  Walking on the dusty pathway full of venomous spiders he searched every corner, of all the cells and then entered the main camber with rusty handcuffs chained to the wall.

No one knows what really happened, but legend states that a gust of wind blew into the chest of Ryan and he stumbled back as the chains wrapped around his hands. And to this day his ghost is searching for the bucket of candy supposedly in the prison.

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