The Old Lady and Her Son
Luis, Age 11, Merced, CA

There once was an old lady that had a big house. She had a lot of scary animals too. People were trying to go inside the house.  But the dogs would not let the people go inside.

It was midnight and the dogs began to turn into humans and the humans were her family. The animals were related to the old lady and she would turn them back to animals. It turned out the lady was a witch and was going to turn the town into animals.

The people were going to be turned into eagles, and dogs. Everybody except one man, and he was going to kill the old lady. And the man's name was Rico. He wanted to rule the town, so he attacked her. But the old lady didn't die, instead she just got up, and killed Rico. The old lady ruled the town.

Days passed, and the old lady died from a heart attack and all that happened turned back. The animals turned back into people, all except one of the kids, didn't turn back, instead he turned into a monster and ate the people and even their dogs. Some people saw the boy, and they said that he looked like a dragon. Some other people said he looked like a rabbit, and other people said he looked like a dog with two heads. The people even said he had two big wings.

Finally two people told everyone that by trapping the old lady's son everything will turn back. The townspeople decided to hunt the old lady's son. So they decided to put bait to catch the monster. They decided to take mean dogs to the forest and tie them to a big tree. The monster came and picked up the dogs still tied to their ropes and started to eat them. The townspeople threw a net down from the trees onto the monster.

The monster, growled "Let me go!" like a wolf. "No, we will not let you go, because you have almost killed everyone in town," said the townspeople. "We will let you go if you put a curse on yourself never to come to this town again!" The monster agreed right away.

From that day the people lived happily ever after. They never worried about the monster known as the "Old Lady's son" again.

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