Scary Story
Linda, Age 12, Merced, CA

One day, Kelly decided to have a party on Halloween. The next day she told all of her friends that she was going to have a party.  On Halloween, Kelly and her brother made a plan to scare her friends. When they came over she said, “Hey, do you guys want to listen to scary stories?”

Her friends said, “Sure.” Then Kelly said, “You girls need to listen to me very closely...

"Once upon a time there lived a couple called the Robertson and they were really nice people. One day there was a knock at their door. They went to open it when they saw a little girl of about eight years old. The little girl asked them if they could they feed her. The Robertson said, “Yes” and gave the little girl some food. She also stayed there for the night.

"In the morning Mr. Robertson went to check if the little girl was still there. When he got to her room, he didn’t see the little girl anymore. Mrs. Robertson came in and said, “Where’s the little girl? They both didn’t know where she was so they went to the police. When they got there they asked if they could see the pictures of missing girls. While they were looking through the pictures, they saw the picture of the little girl.

"Then they told the police that the girl came to their house yesterday. The police said that it not possible because the girls died a year ago. When they got home they both got scared and didn’t know what to do. Mr. Robertson said that when she came again, they would ask her who she was.

"The next day at 9:00 o’clock the little girl came again and asked if they could feed her again. Mr. and Mrs. Robertson said, “Yes”. While the little girl was eating Mr. Robertson told Mrs. Robertson to ask her if she was the little girl that died a year ago.

"The little girl had her back to Mrs. Robertson. Mrs. Robertson tapped her on the back and asked her if she was the little girl that they saw on a picture at the police station. The little girl turned around slowly and said that yes, she was that same girl.

"Mrs. Robertson got scare because her face turn wrinkled and old. Her hair also came into her face."

When Kelly got to the part of her story where the little girl said yes, she yelled into her friends'  faces. She asked the girls if they got scared? Her friends told her that they weren’t scared at all and to never yell at their faces when it’s a very scary part. Then they went to the kitchen they heard a knock on the door. Her friends got sacred and told Kelly to go and get the door. When she opened the door there was nothing there and when she was about to close the door there was a big shadow behind her. The shadow grabbed her and went off into the darkness. Her friends got scared because it was Halloween night. There was another knock on the door. They all went to answer the door when Kelly popped out and said, “Boo!!!!!!!” Her friends all yelled and jumped and ran around like maniacs. When they realized that it was just Kelly and her brother they calmed down. They hit her and her brother for scaring them. Then they all started to tell funny stories instead of scary stories.

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