Up and Up Girls
Jasmine, Age 16, Lamar County, GA

"Bubble Gum Bubble gum in a dish. How many pieces do- you- wish?" Ashley asked the rest of the group of girls.

It was a hot day in July like many other hot days. Boys and girls left their house early morning after breakfast to go outside and play. Girls tended to play hopscotch and dance games while boys tended to ride bikes, play with water guns and balloons, not to mention terrorizing the girls.

"Eugene Warner! You get your tail back in here and make up your bed. I'm not runnin' a bed and breakfast. I'm your mother not your housekeeper." Eugene's mother would yell every morning front step of her screened-in porch.

Eugene would stop whatever he was doing, turn around, and trudge back into his house with his shoulders slumped in embarrassment. His friends all laughed at him behind his back but they knew what would happen if they had left their beds unmade.

"Nicole, you're out. Bubble gum bubble gum in a dish. How many pieces do you wish?" Ashley asked another girl named Tara.

"Six." Tara replied and Ashley counted again and another girl, Rachel, was out. And so on the game continued until no one was left except two girls, Jessica and Jasmine, who happened to be sisters.

By then no one wanted to play freeze tag anymore because Jessica and Jasmine would only fight about it. One minute one wanted to be the so called tagger and then she wouldn't and so on. However it went, the ending result was always the same. One of the sisters would hit the other one and the rest of the girls would have to intervene thus getting dirty.

Before things had a chance to get ugly, Rachel spoke up. "Hey, I have an idea." The other four girls looked at her wondering what her idea was. "Let's sneak up on the boys."

All the girls looked at one another. "They're supposed to sneak up on us Rachel, not the other way around." Ashley, the girliestone of the bunch said.

"Well, let's surprise them this time. Girls go get your colored chapsticks and meet me back her in ten minutes." Rachel said, the tomboy of the bunch.

Ten minutes later, each girl had their chapsticks in hand.

"I saw the boys on the other side of the creek." Tara said pointing to the left. They snuck up and hid themselves behind Mrs. Jamison's house and watched the boys pick up bugs and fish from the creek.

"Are y'all ready?" Rachel asked in a whisper. Each girl nodded and got their chapstick tops off. "Go!"

The girls ran like a pile of wild animals toward all the boys and each girl jumped on a boy and put chapstick on their lips.

"Eww, Eww!" The boys yelled and the girls ran off giggling at their first victory. Their hair ribbons were no longer at the top of their heads but at the end of their ponytails. Their bangs stood up like spikes and dirt smeared their faces and elbows.

By then the girls were tired and dirty so they all retreated back to their separate houses before the sun went down and the street lights came on. It was one victory for the girls and they were proud of it. They had earned this victory even if they did get in trouble for being so dirty. Who cared? Girls were up and up now.

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