Sarah's Stars

Pam Withers. Adrenalin Ride
Walrus Books  $8.95  ISBN 1-55285-604-6  190 pg.
Reviewed by Sarah

"'Accelerate, pull head down, lift front wheel, and fly. Picture it. Know you can do it. Picture it, Jake.' His arms pulled up and he bought the largest chunk of air he'd ever considered ... from high in the afternoon air, that landing looked dark, soft and long."

Best friends, Jake and Peter are extremely athletic, and seem to have a knack for getting themselves mixed up in an adventure. This summer vacation, things are going well until Jake's friend, Ron, calls and asks if the two boys would like a job making a mountain bike trail in the Interior, near Keremeos. Things quickly become more complicated (and therefore more adventurous) after that.

All of Pam Withers' books are packed with adventure and excitement, and this one is no exception. Any young aspiring mountain biker will love this book, as might an older person into mountain biking. Although I am not a mountain biker, I appreciate the appeal that this book would have for those who are. I think Adrenalin Ride would be particularly enjoyed by boys, as there is plenty of action to inspire page-turning.


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