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Janice Weaver. The A to Z of Everyday Things
Tundra Books  $12.99  ISBN 0-88776-671-4  116 pg.
Reviewed by Hayley

"In the mid-1900s, two archaeologists exploring a forgotten Egyptian valley on the edges of the Sahara Desert found some ancient inscriptions carved into the chalky face of a cliff." Any guesses?

In this small book, there is an A Z guide of 26 everyday things, from pretzels and ice cream to kissing and lipstick. Did you know that people on a South African farm, in the Transvaal region, had been finding and throwing away rough diamonds for years? Also, you probably didn't know that pretzels were invented in the 600s by a monk, who spent his afternoon twisting strips of dough until they looked like a person's arms crossed in prayer. The word 'pretzel' comes from bracciatelli, the Italian word for folded arms. Find out many more interesting and crazy facts about everyday things in this new book.

The A to Z Guide of Everyday Things, with 116 pages, is a soft cover, non-fiction book, written by Janice Weaver for ages 10 and up. Francis Blake, an internationally renowned illustrator living in London, England, does the funny little illustrations throughout the book.

I thought that Janice Weaver found some really cool facts on, and historical explanations of, everyday things that we take for granted. For example, the calendar which is a very complicated process, will be off by an entire day by the year 4900! I rate this book 4 stars, only because I thought that Ms. Weaver could have chosen different topics, making the book a touch more interesting for all her readers.


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