I Am Different
Alex, Age 13, Reston, VA

Sunshine shines, I stay in bed
Rain falls down
I get up instead
Little droplets
Laughing down
Childís smiles
Cheering on their raindrops as the races sound

And I walk further
In the rain
The air is cleaner
The sky is plain
Thunder rumbles
I donít care
All is me and the rain
And whispering air

I am different, you see
You are nothing like me
I speak to rain
I laugh with the air
I smile with trees
My eyes are clear

You call me blind
And say you can see
But these words
They mean nothing to me
If your eyes were dark
You would be lost
My eyes are dark
But I am not

I can tell time by smell
Tell clothes from a sack
I see better than you
But my eyes are black

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