Can You Feel It?
Alex, Age 13, Reston, VA

Can you feel it in your heart
Now that we will always be apart
My life is still a lie
I don't want to die
Sometimes I only need to cry
A mourning world is where I lie

Can you understand me now
Within our secret vow
I really want to go away
To not return
Always to stay,
a break from this place
I watch the raindrops come to play
And wonder if I leave today

Can you feel it in your soul
The way this life is always foul
I only want to leave this age
I wish I were King Arthurís sage
To enter a story's hundredth page
To find some book and go away

Can you whisper to the wind
Ask it where it has been
Laugh at all the things its done
Look upwards to the sun
to your life's ambition
And wish that you and I were one

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