The Ghost Horse
Victoria, Age 12, Plover, WI

One chilly afternoon a girl by the name of Annabelle went out to feed her horse. Her horse was very old and about to die. Annabelle fed her horse and let him out to pasture.

Later that evening Annabelle came back to bring her horse in. As she was walking to the spot were her horse was standing, she noticed that he wasn’t her horse.

This horse was young. He had a white coat as white as a ghost. There was a slight mist floating around this intruder of a horse.

As she looked closer she noticed that he had the kind face of her old horse. No she wouldn’t believe that her horse had died and come back to life. Noooooooo! She cried out.

The next morning the girls’ parents came looking for her. There were no hoof prints anywhere. And no sign of the ghost horse or the girl's horse.

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