A Hurting Heart
Janelle, Age 15, Hagersville, ON

A close friend is always there for you
when you need advice or want to talk
They stay by your side all the time
and want what's best for you.

But sometimes things can go wrong
and the friendship gets cut in half
they no longer care about your feelings
all they want is something different

Whether they drop you to be popular
or someone else comes along
they don't care how you may feel
and inside you hurt so bad

You feel so afraid and lonely
and they just look right through you
they can't see that you're hurting
all they care is that they are happy.

Inside your heart is broken
and they think it's all okay
they have no idea what they've done
but you know you've been betrayed

You don't know what to do,
can you accept them back again?
is there room for another chance?
will the friendship last?

They act like nothing has happened
they act like you're still friend
you know you should forget it all
'cause it's the right thing to do

You smile and try to shake it off
but inside it still stings
no one can see how you're feeling
no one-except for you.

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