The Journey Begins
Linda, Age 11, Canada

Once there was a land that was not far from here, in fact it was only a sleep away. There was one big distinction and that was this great and wondrous land was  completely underground. The best way to describe it was as an air pocket under the  soil. It was a great nation like no other in the history of the world. For in this great  land lived all beings, all but humans.

There lived elves, dwarves, wizards, sprites, nymphs, pixies, fairies, and just about  anything else you could imagine. The leaders of this great land were an old elf King  named Stefan and a young elf prince named Leif.

One day the King burst into the main hall laughing so hard his face was red and  streaked with lines where tears of laughter had been. You see, he had a great sense of humour and for that all adored him. His son had a slightly different personality, he was smart and he ruled with his mind. They were strong, friendly, and attentive. Prince Leif had a secret that he had been keeping from Christeš for quite some time now. This secret was that he had a crush on the Fair Maiden Christeš.

Christeš owned a farm in the country. She had a farm boy who helped with the animals. His name was Erik. He had no other name, for Christeš had found him in a field of yellow crocuses. Since then she had cared for him like a long lost brother that had for some reason come back to her. Erik was very grateful so he would come home from school do his homework then he would go outside and take care of the animals. His  favourites were the chickens. He loved to see their heads cock to look at him.

Erik did not speak often around Christeš. He did however talk around his friends at school. His best friends were the dwarf Greg and the pixie Bella.  There was one thing he didnít tell his friends; he knew that Prince Leif and Christeš liked each other. He could tell by their fake laughs to each otherís unfunny jokes (as you remember King Stefan was the funny one). The Prince took weekly visits to the farm. He said it was so he could check on the livestock but he really wanted to see Christeš. Erik really liked King Stefan because even though he was really important he was still silly.

Erik and his friends loved to read. They would read whenever they had a chance. Their favourite book ever was called Enchanted One. It was about a goblin named  Christofsky who wanted to become a wizard more than anything else. So he seeks out a wizard named BonoviŰ. He finds BonoviŰ in a deep, dark forest. He tells him about his dream and the wizard decides to take up the challenge. When he tries to teach him he discovers that Christofsky was enchanted as a baby so he has powers. They liked this book because they didnít expect it at all.

One day Erik brought the book home to read it to Christeš, but when he got home he saw a letter in the mailbox. It was from Prince Leif! ďProbably a love letter,Ē thought Erik. He opened the letter and it read:
              Dear Christeš,

             As you know I have been keeping close watch over your farm and I have decided to make you my Chief Manager on the Royal Courts farm. Your Farm Boy Erik will be placed in Petite Tykes adoption agency. Please answer soon!

              Prince Leif
Eric knew that Christeš would take the job because if she lived in the Royal Court she would see the Prince every day. Erik brought the letter to Gregís and showed him (Bella was also there). When Greg saw the letter he was shocked to find out that Christeš had been chosen to go to the royal garden, but when Eric explained they understood, they decided that they should give Christeš her happy ending so they would leave in the early morning. Before they left, Eric left the letter from the prince and one of his own for Christeš to find. Then off he went to meet his friends under the tree outside the school. They met up and left. The only sound that could be heard was the leaves rustling as they silently walked through the forest wondering what would be awaiting them.

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