The Light in Willpower
Rosemin, Age 11, Montréal, QC

It all started when it ended.  The light of the Markaro Villa was out. It went out once in a million years, consuming all of its people in darkness - until the legendary Indishter came back from his or her quest to find the stone of light and brighten the Village once more.

The Indishter is the sole person in the village who lives for a million years, and to tell the next Indishter of their duties. It was the one Lenoya thought was just the village elder who told her what she lived for.

"No one else can find the Stone of Light but you, for you are the one destined," the Indishter, Almarta, had told Lenoya that day. "You must search for it where your heart leads you."

So, Lenoya set off to find the Stone of Light. After sitting on her bed for many hours, she found the place where she felt that a journey should take place in. The Forests of Doom. There, Lenoya thought, would she find something spectacular like the legendary Stone of Light.

Lenoya set off, bringing bags of food and water. She searched for weeks, months, but found nothing but ogres and giants who tried to attack her but failed to succeed.  Lenoya dodged them, hit them, anything to get away, and she easily did.

Finally, Lenoya gave up. She was not one to search in her heart, she was a failure to the village. But, she thought, it isn't only me that will suffer. It is my whole village. They will forever live in darkness, because of me? No. I must try again.

But, even thinking, Lenoya didn't get up. Her heart didn't lead her to the forest - that is why it took so long. No, her heart lead her nowhere but at her home, in her room, surrounded by her family. So that was where she went.

Lenoya tried to form an image in her mind. It came easily. There it was, swimming before her eyes. Her house, her room, her parents, her brothers, and then - nothing. It all disappeared. Blackness took over.

Then, she woke. Lenoya's eyes fluttered open and light flooded her eyelids. Light!  Where was the Stone? What happened?

"I will die once I have told you this, Lenoya," a feeble voice whispered into her ears. It was Almarta, the former Indishter. "It has already been over a million years."

"Where is the Stone?" Lenoya asked automatically.

"In your heart, dear girl. The stone lies in your very soul. You have found your home, although it has always been your home. Your spirit has lit up this village. My spirit, is no more."

With that, Almarta vanished. Right into thin air, she disappeared.  Her long silver hair, her kind wrinkled face, every feeble bone. Not a trace of her was to be seen, not a trace but the memories that lay in the minds of all those who had loved her.

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