My Dream
Lauren Anne, Age 13, Torremolinos, Malaga, Andalucia, Spain

One day my teacher said to me,
What is your dream?, I told her what I could see:
no poor people, and all the animals have been set free,
The sky is blue, and there's some snow, too!

Everyone had been healed,
Happiness had been sealed!
No more tears, no more fears,
no more work nor school,
prancing around like a fool!
No more war, waiting for someone to bang down your door,

Different nationalities all mixing together,
all at the same time snow, sun, every kind of weather,
It wouldn't matter who you were, or what you were,
everyone was there!
I was going to save the world, bring them together
I was dreaming, floating like a feather,
Until I was snapped out of my dream,
brought back to reality,
And thrown back into normality...

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