The Orange Nightmare
Kayleigh, Age 9, Rockwood, ON

Deep in the forest there lived a monkey. The monkey's name was Joe. She had brown fur with white paws. She liked to wear an orange sweater and an orange baseball cap. She also liked to wear orange pants and orange shoes. Joe's favourite colour was orange.

Joe wore the same outfit every day and if it didn't fit she would go and buy a bigger size exactly the same. Joe sometimes wore an orange tank top, orange shorts and orange sandals. But the only thing that Joe wouldn't take off was her orange baseball cap.

Joe almost never wore jewelry. She only wore pure diamond rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. The jewelry was the only thing she hated in orange. Even though she liked orange, she had a favourite shirt. The shirt had a picture of Winnie-the-Pooh on it.

Joe lived in a castle deep in a forest. Her castle was two times as big as an ordinary house. It had 10 rooms including the attic. Each room was about as big as a living room. She had a kitchen, a living room, two bathrooms, an attic, a bedroom, a spare bedroom, work-out room, a basement and a painting room. The bathrooms both had a bathtub, a sink and a toilet. The bedrooms had one bed each, a mirror, a rocking chair and a TV. All the rooms were painted orange.

Joe also had a job. At her job she could wear anything that she wanted. Her job was being the principal at monkey school. She also was the manager of a store called Monkey Land. Joe worked at the market on Saturdays and Sundays and any other time that she could. She worked at school from 8:30 a.m. till 4:50 p.m. The people that worked at the market had an orange uniform and everybody else at the school wore the same as the market. Joe also likes to draw and write. She would draw pictures of her outfit and colour it in. After that she would write about her school.

Every day after she got home she would go to her work-out room and exercise for two hours in her orange shorts and tank top. Well, one day, Joe needed a new outfit. She went to the store, but her orange outfit was sold out. She looked and looked. But she couldn't find one. She kept coming back each day, but it still wasn't there.  Joe thought she should ask the store manager to see if they did have some in stock, but she changed her mind. Well, there were some orange outfits, but they were too small. She tried them on anyway. By the time she got them off, the store was about to close. When she was leaving the cash register, the storekeeper asked if she was looking for the orange outfit she always wore because the other one was too small and it was ripped. The storekeeper said that she could try to make the outfit herself and he could give her the materials. Joe agreed to that, so she paid him and he gave her the materials. When Joe got home she started to sew her outfit. Joe didn't do anything else but make her outfit. She didn't even draw or write stories. When it was almost done, she drew a picture of the outfit to see how close it would look to the real outfit. It didn't quite look like the old outfit. But when Joe was done sewing, she was almost late for school. She put it on and without noticing how bad it was, she went to school. When she got home, she went to the mirror and when she saw how bad it was, Joe took some scissors and cut it up and threw it into the fireplace. The next week she tried something else. She tried on some of the student's clothes. After she had tried on the Grade 1's, 2's, 3's, 4's and 5's outfits, she tried on her market clothes, but they didn't fit her either. Joe tried to make them a little bit bigger, by cutting her market clothes and adding material, but instead of making them bigger, she made them smaller! Then she asked her workers if she could borrow their clothes. Those clothes were way too big!

Then she got another idea. The next day, when she was off, she decided to go back to the store where she always got her outfits. But this time, instead of going to the orange section, she went to the tie-dye section. Her size was there. She tried on the tie-dye outfit. FANTASTIC! Joe bought 10 pairs of pants, 10 pairs of shorts, 10 sweaters and 10 tanktops. After that, everybody at school didn't have to wear their orange outfits, they could wear anything they wanted. The people at Monkey Land had to wear tie-dye clothes to look bright and colourful. Joe was feeling happier than ever, and went to draw a picture of her new clothes, but she still wears her orange baseball hat.

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