Wake Up
Sydney, Age 12, Vernon, BC

I see you so much.
But do you see me?
Can you pick me out of a crowd
or am I just one in three?
I've been waiting for such a long while.
But when I look at you,
and you look at me,
deep inside I feel a connection,
a heated trial or even a sacred smile.
I value you as a friend,
but will you like me to the end?
A conversation of a thousand words
can all be spoken through a quick glance
between you and me.
Day and night I am waiting,
I am waiting for you to wake up
and smell the true reality of me,
and how you treat me.
I have spent so much time improving,
that I have done too much removing.
I will keep you on the base of my warmest thoughts,
Always there, standing through the cold,
waiting for you to wake up.

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