Yuck, Spinach!
Braden, Age 11, Brewer, ME

I found a blade of grass one day,
Well, was it grass or was it hay,
It didn't matter anyway,
Because I'd already put it in my mouth to chew,
It was so sweet 'cause of all the dew...

Oh how I hate it when parents trick
You into eating something sick,
Like Broccoli, Green Beans, or in this case
SPINACH! Oh! But how great it did taste!

My fear of this green vegetable,
is over! Now I am able
To forgive my parents for doing this under the table,
Which meant cheating me into this deed.
But I'm thankful that they did succeed.

Not all vegetables are yummy,
not all of them belong in your tummy,
some belong in the garbage or fire place,
Some taste like toxic waste,
So though this trick turned out good,
Never eat grass, it may be disguised as food!

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