The Story of Awu, the Gorilla
Gewewa, Age 7, Gaspé, QC

Before humans were created, there was nothing but one lonely gorilla who lived all by himself. He ate bananas from the banana trees that surrounded him, and he climbed them to keep himself in shape. He was the only gorilla that existed, and nobody knows how he came to be. But we know that he lived for ten million years.

This gorilla's name was Awu. As you know, Awu was very lonely. He didn't have friends to play with, he didn't have family to care for him, it was just him. And he was not happy at all.

One day, Awu was swinging from a vine in the forest, when he saw a giant bug crawl past.

Awu said hello to the bug. But the bug didn't say hello to him. So Awu let go of the vine and picked up the bug.

You are not hairy, Awu said. The bug did not say anything.

I like you, Awu said. The bug didn't say anything to Awu.

Then, Awu found a glass and looked at himself inside it. I want you to be big, Awu said. And I want you to look like me. You won't have a big nose, but you will have a head like mine. You will walk on two legs and you will be smart.

All of a sudden, a tear was in Awu's eye. I am lonely he said. I want you to be how I imagined you. I want you to be able to talk.

When Awu's tear touched the bug, the bug turned purple. For a second, Awu couldn't see but then he could see. When he opened his eyes, he saw the first human that ever existed.

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