Why Frogs Hop
Britney, Age 12, Omemee, ON

Long ago, frogs didn't know how to hop, but one day a little girl named Betty Lou went to a pond with her net and caught a frog named Louille. Betty Lou went to the park with Louille. She put Louille on a see saw and Betty Lou went on the other side. Louille went flying off the see saw. Louille liked the feeling of flying off the see saw, so Louille wanted to learn how to fly. He kept on practicing and practicing but then he found out frogs that can't fly. He saw his friend rabbit. Rabbit knew how to hop. Then Louille went over to the rabbit and asked rabbit if he could teach him. Rabbit said yes, so the rabbit taught the frog and the frog taught every frog how to hop. And that's why frogs know how to hop.

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