That Girl
Braden, Age 11, Brewer, ME

There is always that girl,
That is always on your mind,
You can't get over how,
She is so beautiful and kind,
You want to hear her voice,
Every waking moment,
And you want to see her face,
And you just want to hold it.
You can't bear sleeping
Because you know she'll be in your dreams,
And you can't bear to wake up,
Because they are never what they seem.
The only reason why you live,
Is to see her face again,
The only reason why you wake up,
Is to hear her voice again.
She is the one who keeps you motivated,
The one who keeps you strong.
But she's the one who makes you so worried,
And keeps you up crying all night long.
She knows you love her,
But does she see how you really feel?
When you see her face,
It's like it's a dream... it's not real.
You close your eyes,
and then open them,
Wondering if it is fake,
Wondering how life could be this great,
And wondering when you'll wake.
You ask yourself,
Will she love me tomorrow?
You toss and turn through the night,
But when you wake in the morning,
You learn that it's all right.
You know she still cares,
And hopes she knows you do too,
So what I am trying to say...
Is that I'll always love you.

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