Lost Friend
Jenna, Age 13, Plover, IA

Iíve lost a friend, I donít know how, when, where, or why,
Iíve lost a friend, somehow, and it's getting hard not to cry.
This friend used to have fun, used to want to fly,
but now she just wants to be cool.
Iíve lost a friend I donít know when,
She kind of just disappeared,
Somehow, somewhere I lost my friend,
And now I start to cry.

I miss my friend, I do.
And now I miss her more,
We used to hang out, we used to dress up,
We used to be we, but now itís just me.
Iím missing my friend, I am, I donít know how to get her back,
The things that we did, made life seem such fun,
But now that we are not we anymore, it is not.
Somehow, somewhere I lost my friend,
now I've learned not to cry.
Iím missing my friend, and hope for her to come back,
Maybe, I will hope, that we can become we once more,
And we can be friends again.

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