Sarah's Stars

Eva Wiseman. No One Must Know
Tundra  $12.99  ISBN 0-88-776-706-0  194 pg.
Reviewed by Sarah

"I wish I knew more about it. My parents were also in Europe during the War, but they never talk about their experiences." Alexandra is talking to her new friend, Jacob.

Alexandra Gal lives a normal life. As a young teen, all she concerns herself with is getting a tan in time to go back to school, cute guys, and what she's going to buy with her allowance. She knows her parents have secrets about World War II, and even although she is frequently annoyed by their lack of communication on the subject, she doesn't worry. That is until she uncovers a shocking secret.

No One Must Know is a story which could be true. The prejudice and blind hate that once were a harsh fact of life echo throughout the book. I enjoyed this vivid, but sad, tale and would recommend it to anyone over 12 years.


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