My Pet
Carlie Sue, Age 10, New Berlin, WI

One day as I was walking down the street I spotted a critter along the side of the road. I went up to that critter and noticed a whistling sound that it was making. It's a bird. A blue and grey bird. I took the animal home and showed it to my sisters and brothers. They thought it was a duck. I said "It's not a duck it is a blue and grey bird." I went inside and asked my mother if I could keep the critter from the forest. She said my favorite words "Yes, you may keep the bird." I took the bird upstairs and gave it a name. His name was Geje. I went to the store and bought Geje a bird cage and bird food. Then put Geje in his bird cage and he ate his food. I thought I could keep him forever until one day I heard a car slam on his breaks. I looked at Geje's cage and saw nothing except a food dish. The door was swung open and that night I kept my window open as well. I looked outside, ran downstairs and saw a man talking to my mother. I asked the man what happened and he said "I am sorry I did not see your bird in the road." I ran upstairs and slammed my door. I lost my first pet that day. I gathered some supplies to make a grave for Geje and went in the back to dig a hole. I went to the side of the road, picked up the critter and brought him to the back. I put him in the hole and buried him. A tear dropped from my eye. "I only had him for three days. Poor thing."

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