Sarah's Stars

Marilyn Helmer.
Spooky Riddles & Funtime Riddles
Kids Can Press  $5.95  ISBN 1-55337-413-4 (Spooky);
1-55337-580-7 (Funtime)
Reviewed by Gavin

Funtime Riddles and Spooky Riddles are colourful, funny books by Marilyn Helmer. The illustrator for Spooky Time Riddles is Eric Parker, and Funtime Riddles is illustrated by Jane Kurisu. I prefer Jane Kurisu's work because her pictures have more detail, but Eric Parker's drawings are bigger and more colourful. Both the books have 31 pages, and are both softcover. These books are suitable for readers between the ages of 3 and 8 years.

I thought Funtime Riddles was better because it had funnier jokes and better drawings. Spooky Riddles had jokes about Dracula and other creepy monsters, and it had some good ones too. I liked the variation in Funtime Riddles. For example, there is a riddle: Why do golfers always carry an extra pair of socks? Answer: In case they get a hole in one.

I give these books four stars because I liked them and read them both to myself. I took one star off because a few of the jokes were a bit lame.


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