Trapped on Skeleton Hill
Emily, Age 12, Atwater, CA

It was All Hallows Eve and the moon was full. Rain pounded against our living room window. It held us hostage for none of us wanted to go out in a storm like that. We were waiting for the Fright Fest on T.V. to come on. While we waited for the show my mind wandered off to the grave yard at the bottom of the hill. I had heard many ghost stories about this house and the hill. Legend has it  that every Halloween when the moon is full, the skeletons zombies and ghosts that were buried in the cemetery would rise from their grave, and haunt the people who live in the house up on the hill. That is why the hill has the name Skeleton Hill.

“Mom, do the living dead really come out of their graves on Halloween night?”

“Of course not sweetheart, that is just an old wives tale. Be quiet, the movie is starting.”

I ignored my mother and went to go call my best friend Jennifer. For some reason I could not get the grave yard out of my head.

“Hey Jenn, it is me Claire, can you meet in about half an hour at the old cemetery?” I whispered.

“Ya, but why?” she questioned.

“I want to see if the stories are true.” I told her.

“Okay fine. I will see you in half an hour.”

I started to pack my things. What would I need? I packed a flashlight with some extra batteries, and my sweater. I got my umbrella and jacket. I lifted my window and started to climb down my tree. The wind blew it viciously, and made me fall out.

“Ohhhh!” I thought to myself. “I hope my parents didn’t see me.

I headed for the cemetery. The rain beat down even harder with every step I took. I finally reached the cemetery. When I got to the first tombstone in search of Jenn, the thunder crashed and the lightning beamed. As that happened I heard a terrifying scream. It was Jenn.

“Good, you’re here.” I said to Jenn.

“Okay, so what do you want? She asked.

No sooner did she say that then the fog started roll in along our feet, and the thunder roared. I started to hear a soft faint moaning sound.



“Claire, don’t move."  There was hesitation in her voice.

“Why?” I asked her. I was scared.

“Hurry and get behind the tree. Be very quiet and move slowly. They might not move.”

“They, who were they.” I thought. I did what she said. She pulled me behind a tree. I wanted to look, but my body wouldn’t let me move. My head turned slowly and saw a ghastly sight. There were zombies, ghosts, and skeletons. Why did I look? They started to head up the hill. They were heading for my house.

“Jenn, what are we going to do? They are heading for the house.”

“Well, let’s sneak up behind them and hide along the trees and bushes. Maybe we can cut them off before they get to your house.”

We crouched along the shrubs and followed the dead people. This was so weird. I thought I even saw my grandfather.

We reached the house before the zombies and other things got there. I had to warn my parents but they would never believe me.

Pound! Pound! I pounded against our door, but no one answered.

They must be asleep. I had to get to them before the monsters did.

“Hey Jenn, how do you kill someone who is already dead?” I asked her. “I mean if we are going to do something about this we should know how to defeat them.

“Let me think. I got it. You shock them with electricity. That will regenerate them and then we can re-kill them.” She said.

“I guess it is worth a shot.” I said.

We worked our way into the house. I had to think of something that could shock the monsters back to life. What could do that?

“I know.” I said.” We could use a plug. Spray some water in them and shock them. We took my little lamp because it was the only thing small enough for us to carry.

“I bet they are trying to get into the house.” I said.

“Let’s try the front then.” Jenn answered.

We crept up slowly and saw the monsters trying to get in. I held the lamp tight and crept up slowly behind them. I plugged the lamp into the plug we had outside. Jenn was ready with the water. Spppppppppsssssssshhhh! Splash!

It worked. The monsters were now alive again. We ran in front of them to lead them into our trap. All of a sudden a zombie had me in his grasp. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I bit his hand and he let go of me. I ran. Jenn head for the trees. They followed her. She had led them off the hill. They were gone. She came running back.

“I did it. They are gone.” She said.

“Yeah.”  I said. ”We did it.” We jumped for joy. We headed back for my house and we never spoke of it again.

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