The Girl Who Could Speak to Animals
Megan, Age 8, Vernon, BC

It was a Friday in the early golden fall when my family and I fled from danger. I was finishing packing all my stuff from my room in boxes when my mother said “Mindy take your boxes outside your dad said so.” “OK MOM BE OUT IN A MINUTE,” I murmured.

I am Mindy Tilden and my family members are Dad, Mom, my mean brother Joe, and my favorite sister who is 21 named Tiffany. I used to have a baby brother named Thomas but he died when he was born because he couldn’t breathe right. I also have a golden retriever puppy named Molly. 

I quickly picked up my boxes leaving 9 more because I can’t hold 18 boxes at a time 9 is already plenty to carry. As I was slowly gliding across the floor Tiffany walked around the corner and said “Need some help?” 

“Sure that would be great go get the other nine up stairs,” I mumbled. As soon as I got outside Tiffany came quickly after me and dropped the boxes then dashed back into the house. I quickly decided to go get my bike when I smelled smoke. I thought just the oven and kept on gliding when I heard a loud, long, shrill scream and saw that the house was lighting on fire!!! 


I saw flames burning steady over the cracks of the door and it was starting on the front windows. It was making a frame around the door and windows when I saw a golden flash and there stood molly covered with soot and a bleeding leg. I dashed to her and hugged her tight. The flames soon covered the house with its bright red, orange, green, golden flames when the fire engine pulled up and the men began to squirt the house. When it was completely wet I ran into the house to find burned bodies around me. I quickly ran out and saddled up Jigsaw and that’s when I learned to speak to animals. 

Well I actually got all the boxes including the boxes full of food then saddled up and headed for the forest! I was riding all day only to stop to have a small lunch when I found a place made out of straw. She headed for it when Jigsaw galloped and I hit a branch and fell to the ground. It was very dark when I saw a ferocious bear in front of me. It spoke in a low voice and this is what he said: “You have freed us. I thank you; I am Gary the grizzly with my companions the forest animals.” 

I looked so surprised that I couldn’t move. I finally squeaked out “ Hello I am Mindy Tilden. I can’t speak to animals, sorry.” 

“Of course you are then how come I can hear you and you can hear me and I can talk to you and you answer?” he questioned.

“ Uh um ………… because I can speak to animals,” I sighed, giving up so from that day on I could speak to animals and made tons of new friends. I also lived in the straw cottage it was very cozy.

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