The Mother's Day Present
Samantha, Age 9, Coldstream, BC

Anna sat on the steps looking through photo albums which were full of pictures. Anna looked through them until she found a picture that she liked. Then she took some paper and made a story of what was happening in it, as a mother's day present:

It wasn't long ago when a mother gave birth to a small child. The mother's name was Sincerity and the baby's name was Anna. The next day Anna got to see her Grandma Lay {Sincerity's mom} and Grandpa Lay {Sincerity's dad}, auntie Penny, uncle Jack and cousins Michael, Jay, and Lee. Everyone crowded around the old fashioned hospital bed to see Anna. Then one by one they took turns holding her. She felt as light as a feather.

Two months passed and Anna now had a little bit of a different color in her face and her hair was turning a light blonde. Her eyes were blue and they sparkled in the yellow sun. She wore a small pink dress and little yellow booties.

Four more months passed and now it was Anna's six month birthday. Anna was at Grandma Lay's house for a visit while her Mommy, Sincerity, went to get groceries. Grandma sat Anna on the floor so she could get Anna some food, as Grandma walked to the fridge she said: "Okay, it is time for your apple sauce Darling."

Anna cooed a little and as she cooed she got her overalls wet with slime because she was teething. Anna ate her apple sauce and then rolled over on to her tummy and tried to crawl. Her Grandma kneeled down and started to encourage Anna to crawl by clapping her hands and saying: "C'mon Anna crawl to Grandma." Then Anna got up on her hands and knees and started to crawl, as she wiggled across the room her Mommy came in and started to clap with joy.

"Hooray! Anna that's a good girl, crawl to Mommy!" Sincerity said in a joyful way. As soon as she said that Anna scooted her way over to her Mommy.

A whole year has passed since Anna's birth. Now Anna has short blonde curly hair, seven teeth and big blue eyes. She can say Momma, Dada, more, Grandma, and Grandpa. She can walk and she can write her ABC's.

Anna's dad came home while Anna was playing with Lee, Michael, and Jay. They were playing on the playground in Grandma Lay's backyard. Jay was giving Anna and Lee pushes on the swings while Michael played on the slide.

Jay is nine years old. She has long brown hair and she likes to dance, sing, play, and help with the smaller kids. She is smart and likes to play outside. Lee is also learning to skip. Michael likes to slide and he likes to talk and say how old he is. Michael is three years old and he also likes other kids.

The next day Jay, Anna, Lee, and Michael went into Grandpa Lay's work shed and started to make mother's day presents. Anna got out a photo album and looked through it until she found a picture she liked then she took some paper and wrote a story about the photo. After she was done Jay edited it and wrapped it for Anna. Then everyone hid the presents and went to bed in the house. In the morning they got the presents out from their hiding place then they waited for everyone to get up. Once they all got up they had breakfast. They opened the presents next. When Auntie Penny and Anna's Mom opened their gifts they were surprised they were so nice. They gave the children hugs and thank-you's. Then the whole family went to the park and had a great time. 

So from that day on mother's day at their house was the best.

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