Life in 2105
Jennifer, Age 10, Dousman, WI

“Life in 2105 is the life!” laughed Katie. “Just imagine 100 years back kids rode school buses to school. I mean today we ride saucerships to school.”

“Yeah Katie, but what about how they didn’t have robots to clean their rooms?” asked Jennifer.

“Oh my gosh, I would die without a robot cleaning my room!” Said Katie.

“Girls, time to come down and eat lunch!” said their mom.

“We’ll be right there!" they yelled.

“Well, you better hurry up or your food will get cold.

Hi, we are Katie and Jennifer, we are going to lead you though one day of our lives. Today is Friday, January 14, 2105; our day begins with our daily math lessons. Years ago we would have to go to school many miles away to study our subjects, but in today’s world we have a hologram teacher who comes to our homes. Well, for most of the subjects it works that way, but we still need to go to school in our saucership twice a week for Science, Phys. Ed., and Art classes.

After we have Math and Social Studies we eat lunch and have a ten-minute break. This morning our Social Studies teacher informed us we would be having a field trip on Monday. Years ago the kids would go to the actual place, but now we take a virtual field trip. A virtual field trip is where you put on goggles and see the place as if you were walking in it.

Language Arts is our next subject; we were working on a writing piece last time and now we have to prepare our final copy. What we do is talk into a speaker and the words type on to the screen. It is much faster for us to get our work done. Once we are done, we transmit it to our hologram teacher.

After our lessons are though, we hit the mall! The malls have changed as time has passed; going from floor to floor is very different. We now take a tube; you climb into the tube and it sends you up very, very quickly to the floor you want to go to. The stores, the prices, the accessories!  It’s all good.

There is one thing I hope will never change, eating at the dinner table. We still eat at the dinner table even though it’s 2105. I hope you will too.

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