Lindsay, Age 11, Pennsylvania, USA

Addie was known as a leader. She helped you when you were down and cheered you up when you were sad. My name is Kacie Wright and I am going to tell you a little story about my best friend Addie.

The emergency alarm went off and everyone cowered together in the middle of the classroom. I sat next to Addie who didn't seem scared at all. For some odd reason she seemed excited. She grabbed my wrist and said, "We are gonna be on T.V. I just know we are." I lowered my head. How could someone be thinking about being on T.V. when our school was being inspected for an armed killer. She leaned in closer. "Do someone is really out there?," she asked. That was more like it. "Of course I think there is," I replied, "That's why I'm not worried about being on the television."

She looked down at her feet and I think I saw a tear fall off her face and hit the ground. She wiped her eyes. "I'm sorry..." I began but just then a sound filled the air. Boom Boom! Everyone screamed. Then we heard a voice from outside the hall. It was him. The one we were all afraid of. The one the police were searching for.

"I want one person sent out of the room and then I will let you go!," he yelled. Addie stood up. "I'll go," she said confidently. She must have been crazy! Why would she want to do that. "I am sorry but I can not allow you to do that," replied the teacher. I sighed with relief. then she got up and ran out the door too fast for our teacher to catch her. Outside the door we heard them talking. She knew him! I couldn't believe. "Hey Addie!, " he said sort of surprised. "Oh... Franky is that you?," she asked with a hint of excitement in her voice. "You bet," the guy said back. Then they said some other stuff I couldn't hear. "You kids can come out, "yelled the man, "And the teacher lady too," he added stupidly.

Hours later we were all safe and were just finishing up answering the police officer's questions. That lead to me finding out that "Franky" was her brother who lives in Wyoming. Addie handled it all with great courage.

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