Basketball Game
Kurtis, Age 10, Dousman, WI

On January 19th I had a basketball game, hoping we would start to lead in the first few minutes. Our coach wasn’t there for the start of the game. I don’t like playing without a coach and I don’t know who would. Finally at halftime the coach came. We were losing by ten.

The coach organized some plays and we quickly gained 8 points. Then they brought the ball in and I stole it.  I was running down the court when, whack, a kid slapped me on the arm. I looked at my arm and it was all red. I made one out of the two free throws.

At the end of the game it was 19 to 22, in our favor. If the coach‘d come earlier we would’ve won by a lot of points. Basketball is an amazing sport, and I love it.

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