Sarah's Stars

Robert Newton Peck. Bro
Harper Collins  $26.99  ISBN 0-06-052975-X  150 pg.
Reviewed by Hayley, Age 13

Tugwell Dockery had a horrific life. It started when a disastrous event happened at his grandfather's farm. Tugwell went into a life of silence, and refused to speak. Only his older brother Broda Joe Dockery, better known as Bro, could understand him. When his parents were killed in a horrendous train accident, Tugwell had to go live with his dreaded grandfather and his great-aunt. Meanwhile, Bro was frantically trying to get out of the Pecan County Correctional Labour Camp. When Bro heard of the train accident, he knew that his brother desperately needed him. Bro would go to any extent to free himself in order to get to his younger brother.

Robert Newton Peck is author of more than sixty books, including Horse Thief, Cowboy Ghost, and A Day No Pigs Would Die. Bro is a hardcover, realistic fiction novel, with 150 pages suitable for ages thirteen and up.

I thought that Bro was a miserable read. The story line was not strong, and parts of it were fairly sick-minded. I wouldn't read it again nor recommend it. A truly depressing read!

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