My Clarinet
Colleen, Age 11, Dousman, WI

Have you ever played an instrument before? If you did, do you like it? I do play an instrument. I play the clarinet. I really like the sound a clarinet makes. I have played a lot of other instruments in the past and I have not liked them very much. But I just started the clarinet and I really enjoy playing it. (Itís only the best instrument ever!)

When I practice I can put it together pretty swiftly. At lessons and in band I sit next to my best friend and that makes it a blast! I try to practice every single day, and I think by the end of this grade I might be a lot better.  Iíve got a whole year ahead of me and Iím really glad!

When I grow up I want to be a famous clarinet player. I really do.

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