My First Contest
Katie, Age 11, Dousman, WI

Do you play the piano? Well, I got to actually have a piano contest! I was very nervous when I arrived in the building because I didnít know what I was up against. There were older kids competing in the contest also. I was trembling when it was my turn to perform. When I got in the room I tried to remember what the things my piano teacher told me. I played my best, focusing on the music in front of my face. When I was playing I felt like someone was watching me and I about froze. My parents were watching me though. When I was done with my song, I stepped out of the room, feeling pretty confident about how I played. Now I waited.

I waited for about three weeks to hear about if I won or not. Each week I asked my piano teacher if she heard the results. Then the third week my teacher said I got first place and I got a medal! I know I played things wrong but I was amazed that I won!

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