To Be Forgotten
Rosemin, Age 11, Montréal, QC

They said that when the time has come
For someone to move, for someone to run
That they'll never forget you, no matter what
They'll coax you and calm you, till the time has come.

They'll remember times they've spent with you
Those cherished times, that seemed so true
With nothing but words, but that's okay
Because you'll be in their heart, every day.

How often have they come across lies?
To hear the things they just despise?
Why don't they think of that and
How it would feel like to lose a friend.

Maybe they don't know what's right, what's wrong
To them life could be nothing but a song
I don't know why, and I don't know why not
But I need some way to hurt them a lot.

Now I can't be cruel, though I can be mean
And I'm not sure if you've met a similar theme
But, at least I think, as the saying says,
"To be forgotten is worse than death".

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