Chris, Age 13, Easton, CT

Anybody can be a hero. But a person doesnít have to be a celebrity to be a hero. My Uncle isnít a celebrity but he is a hero.

My Uncle has a big impact on other peopleís lives; he is a judge. He has to make important life decisions for other people. He has the power to decide if a person is guilty or not. He is a State judge who works in Juvenile Court. He loves his job, but if he werenít a judge he would want to be a college professor.

My Uncle also has a life besides his job. He likes to hike. He has a son, my cousin and a wife, my aunt.

After my uncle was in high school, he went to University and he studied law. Now you know how important my uncle is, he likes his job, he likes to hike and he liked school. Now you know why he is my hero.

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