Hidden Treasure
Brooke, Age 11, Dousman, WI

One time, on Maple Street, there was a house. There also was a kid, Brian Thomson, who wanted to look for hidden treasure. So he drew a map and started on the adventure. Fifteen steps would take you to a tree. There was a stream that was just  left of a gigantic oak tree. He jumped over the stream. Brian came upon a huge maple tree. The maple tree had a hole in it. When the wind blew by, it made a suspicious howl.

He piled some rocks on top of each other. Brian jumped on the rocks, excitedly, looking into the tree, curiously. The tree was hollow! He jumped inside the tree, and was filled with horror.  here were bugs and spiders, crawling all over him!

“My map!” Brian cried.

With the light of the afternoon sun shining through the hole in the tree trunk, there was scarce light. He could see his map standing up against the tree trunk. Then getting pulled down a crack!

“A fake tree!” said Brian. “Maybe there’s a lever around here somewhere. Got it!”

He pulled the lever down. It wouldn’t budge! Brian pulled the lever down with even more force. It jerked down and Brian fell in.

Down into a swerving vortex of doom!  Swerving up, down, left, and right!

Brian was beginning to feel sick, when, SPLAT! He hit the cold, dark ground of a cave. It was somewhat moist.

“Ouch!” Brian yelped. “Hey, where am I?” he thought. “Maybe the treasure is somewhere down this cave?”

Brian got up, brushed himself off, and started down the dreadful, drippy, dark cave. He stepped on a rock and a boulder stared to move. It stopped when Brian could just barely fit his body through. There inside that cave, was the hidden treasure.

There was gold everywhere!

“I’m glad I brought a bag,”  thought Brian.

So he started shoveling the gold into the bag, thinking what he could do with all that money.

“I’ll buy a pool, yeah, that’s it, a pool.”

After he got the bag half filled with gold, he started dragging the bag home.

He stepped on the rock to hide his treasures, climbed up the hollow tree, jumped over the stream that was just about left of a huge oak tree, and started home in the afternoon light.

Brian got his pool and gave some money to his mom. They all got what they wanted.

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