My Kitten Pumpkin
Nicky, Age 11, Dousman, WI

I have kitten named Pumpkin who is 3 and a half months old.  She was 6 weeks old when we got her. The colors she was were orange, gray and black. Now she is black, gray, white, crème, and orange.

We named her Pumpkin because she has an orange spot on her head that makes her forehead look like a pumpkin and my mom told us we were going to the pumpkin farm.

My kitten is very, very playful. Sometimes when she’s playing she gives you scratches. She has given me scratches on my hands and face. One of the crazy things she has done is jump in the toilet. (She only did that once though). Another thing she does is follow you into the bathroom. When my brother’s in the bathtub she sits on the ledge and drinks the water out of the tub.

Did I mention she loves to cuddle? My cat, a fluffy ball of fur, always comes in and cuddles in bed at night. I’m the only one she cuddles with at night. Pumpkin always purrs and purrs. She could purr all day if she wanted. She always attacks my parents, running across their faces and bodies. That’s all about my crazy, cuddling, goofy, kitten Pumpkin.

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