I Love Her
Braden, Age 11, Brewer, ME

I love her so much,
That every second we're apart,
Makes me feel lonely.
You brighten up my heart.
I don't think I could manage life
Without you by my side,
I can tell you everything,
With you I've got nothing to hide.
You're the beating of my heart,
You're the finish of my start,
With every moment we're apart,
I feel like my heart is slowing down,
But when ever,
We're together,
You lift me up off the ground.
You're the light in a dark room,
You're the rhythm in my song,
You're the one I want to love,
be with all day long.
You try to give me everything,
But you couldn't give me anything else
Because you have given me my life,
You've given me yourself.

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