Sarah's Stars

Rebecca L. Grambo. 
Lupé: A Wolf Pup's First Year
Walrus  $14.95  ISBN 1-55285-611-9  47 pg.
Reviewed by Gavin, Age 10

Lupé  has great photography. The pictures are splendiferous, and many are funny! They are of adult wolves and pups, and of other creatures and places in nature. I did not like the text of this book because the animals "talked". I would have preferred if the author did not do that.

The story is about a wolf pup called Lupé, and it starts before she is born, and ends when winter comes. There are many interesting facts in the last few pages about Yellowstone National Park, and the other photographs in this book.

This is a softcover, 47 page book, suitable for ages 6-9 years, but children of any age will enjoy the photos by Daniel J Cox.

I rate this book three stars, but the photographs are five-star.


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