My Dog Petey
Nicholas, Age 10, Dousman, WI

When I got my dog, Petey, he was already one year old. One night in winter I took him for a walk and I accidentally let go of the leash. He almost ran away. Running after him, I quickly grabbed the leash. Petey was the best dog Iíve ever had, because he was the first dog Iíve ever had. He would lick me every day. Petey would jump up on my lap and wag his tail.

We couldnít train Petey and he kept going to the bathroom in the house. The landlord wouldnít let us keep him. We had to get rid of him and give him to an animal shelter. He was two years old when we had to get rid of him. I donít even know if heís still alive, and I donít think Iíll ever see him again.

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