Sarah's Stars

Dennis Foon. Skud
Groundwood  $9.95  ISBN 0-88899-549-0  171 pg.
Reviewed by Sarah, Age 14

They asked the students in a university linguistics course to write down the past-tense forms of existing and made-up verbs, completing sentences such as Sam likes to spling. Yesterday he _______. Almost 80 percent of the subjects offered splang or splung. Even when given real words, some of the subjects were tempted by irregular patterns and came up with creative forms such as dig - dag, sting - stang, slink - slank, streak - strack, skid - skud, and clip - clap. (

I'm not sure what "skud" means, but I think that it is probably a slang term for skid. The word is used here and there throughout the novel, and I think it suits the book as a title. Skud is for children fourteen and older because of some mature content and language. The stories of the individual, yet connected lives of four guys in their final year of high school make up this remarkable novel. When I closed the book I couldn't stop thinking about it, but when I first finished the book, I hated it. Then I realized that it was outstandingly well-written, because it had evoked such a strong emotional response from me. The characters had come alive. Their tragic lives, their ambitious goals and their wildest dreams, were real through Dennis Foon's writing. I wanted to help them, to somehow fix everything. I would definitely rate this book five stars and will be looking for more books by Dennis Foon.


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