A Day of Snow in Mexico
Katie, Age 8, Bellevue, WA

“And the little snowflake showed everyone that you don’t have to be big to be strong. So the little snowflake lived happily ever after”. Electra’s mom, Marcela said as she finished a good book, The Little Snowflake. “I wish it would snow here”. Electra said. “Why, what a silly thought” Marcela said. “Now go to bed, because tomorrow's school.” Before Electra turned off the light and went to bed she thought how much fun it would be if it snowed at least 2 feet. Then she went to bed.

At 6:00 in the night Electra woke up. “That was… a bad dream.” She stammered. Then she fell asleep again. Her dream was not bad. It was a dream about a lady talking to Electra. The lady said, “Tomorrow your wish will come true. There will be two feet of snow.” Then her dream changed to her playing in the snow with her best friend. In another hour she woke up, and went down stairs, thinking of her wonderful dream, and if it might come true.

“What’s for breakfast?” Electra asked when she got downstairs. “There are pancakes and pineapple.” said Marcela. “Mmm! That sounds good.” “Well better hurry up, because the bus will be here in 15 minutes”. “Ok, I will”. When she was eating her pancakes her little 6 year old brother, John came down half asleep. When Electra saw that she laughed. Then he said, “I had a dream about a lady, the lady told me that today there would be two feet of snow.” “What a silly dream.” said Marcela. But Electra said nothing because she remembered her dream and it was exactly the same. After she ate her pancakes and pineapple, she hurried to the bus stop, with her backpack. Jasmine, her best friend greeted her when she got in the bus.

After 5 minutes in the bus Electra said, ”Don’t you ever wish it’d snow?

“Yes, but it couldn’t happen,” Jasmine said. “Maybe if we... No it couldn’t happen, said Jasmine disapprovingly.

When the bus trip ended they walked inside and sat down at their desks. Mrs. Lepowtoe said “, Good morning kids”. “Good morning Mrs. Lepowtoe” the kids said back. After the bell rang Mrs. Lepowtoe said, “We will begin Math.” “What is 644 - 443?” “Michel?” “201.” Michel answered. Michel is the know-it-all; well he acts like it. “9 + 3, everyone?” So everyone shouted “12!” and it kept going on and on and soon Electra looked at the clock and the recess bell rang.

At recess the kids had a lot of fun. Jasmine and Electra played 'Surviving in Antarctica'. They played in a hollow bush pretending it was an igloo. After they played that for 20 minutes the bell rang again and they ran to their class.

When they got inside Electra sat down at her desk thinking if her dream would not come true. Then Mrs. Lepowtoe said, “Let us begin Religion.” Mrs. Lepowtoe talked and talked about god until the lunch bell rang and they scrambled to lunch. Before the they went to the lunch room a kid said, “Hey!” “Look its snowing!” Then they all gasped.

Outside there were 2 feet of snow! Electra said to herself, “My dream came true!” The kids weren’t ready for this, nobody was. Today was supposed to be 99 degrees! But to their surprise the school was ready; they gave them their own jackets, scarves, gloves, boots, jeans, and of course, their own long sleeved shirts. When they got to the lunch everyone was excited. They ate their lunches very fast. In the middle of lunch the principal came in the room and announced,” The teachers and I have decided to let you stay outside for the rest of school because you might never ever have a snow day again.” Everyone cheered, and then ate the rest of their lunches.

When they got to go outside, the boys made snow forts and snowballs and did a snow war. And the girls made snow women and snow angels. Oh! What a great time it was and guess what, their biggest mistake they ever made in all of school history; they let the kids stay outside for the rest of the day! Everyone was jolly and happy. Then Jasmine came over and said, “Electra, I’m sorry that I interrupted you on the bus.” “Now I think when you have hope anything can happen. After Jasmine said that Electra told Jasmine about her dream and then Jasmine said, “That was magic.”

“I can’t believe that it actually snowed, I mean it was 99 degrees!” Marcela said when Electra got home.

“I can’t believe it ether,said Electra. “But there is magic in the world and, I think it was just magic.”

After Electra said that John came and said “My dream came true.”

“Well Johnny, I had the exact same dream too.” Said Electra.

“You did?” he asked with amazement.

“Yes I did,” Electra said smiling.

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