The Story of My Life
Dan, Age 12, Sydney, NSW, Australia

"As I sat there looking at the car wreck, the ambulance officers and victims of the fateful car crash I couldn't help thinking about how close I was to crossing the line between life and death.

"I hovered there, looking down at the scene from above, like the many movies I have been to see. My life flashed before my very eyes, of course a typical cliché, but there aren't any words better to describe what I felt at that very moment.

"Suddenly the cars burst into flames. A shiver ran down my spine. If it wasn't for the brave soul who pulled me out, I would still be in there, burning. If I hadn't already died of my injuries, I would have surely died from smoke inhalation or the fire itself.

"Sitting there looking at the ferocious flames, I thought about my life, the regrets at never having the courage to do what I wanted and the many various opportunities I missed when they were presented to me. I asked myself, if I had died in that fire, is the life I had lived, the person I was, how I wanted people to remember me?"

The End.
"Thank you Angela. That was a wonderful story," commented Mrs Delila.

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