Under the Rug
Jenna, Age 11, Dousman, WI

In a small house on Old Town Drive lived a boy named Ryllie. He was very curious. He got spooked easily because he had a big imagination with creepy monsters running around. He was very scared of them. He lived with his dad named Will, who is 55 years old and is an assistant at the Oconomowoc Hospital. When he came home after employment, he decided to move the furniture about. Then he found a bump under the rug. The bump moved and knocked the coffee table over and broke the lamp. He moved the chair so it wouldn’t get broken. Then he left the bump alone, hoping it would go away. Next Will went to clean the closet. While cleaning, he found his giant stuffed animal monster from when he was a little boy. Will left it, and then cleaned the rest of the closet. When he went back, the bump was gone so he vacuumed. Afterwards he put Ryllie to bed, and then he went to bed.

In the morning Will fed Ryllie, then took him to preschool.

Two weeks passed and it happened again. This time the bump was speeding and was knocking everything over! Then it ran into the bookshelf. BANG! There was a horrifying noise, it was sobbing.

Will ran over and confusingly tore the rug from the floor and found…                              

“Why were you under the rug?” asked Will.

Ryllie said, “I hid because I saw a big scary hairy monster in the closet. I slammed the door, ran and hid underneath the rug so I would be safe.”

“That scary monster is my stuffed animal. You knocked over the coffee table and broke the lamp. Luckily I lifted my chair, otherwise it would have fallen and broken, too.” Will said.

“I’m sorry,” said Ryllie, “I will not do it again.”    

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