Brady, Age 10, Dousman, WI

Last summer we went on a train trip to Seattle, Washington. It took two days to get from Wisconsin to Washington. The train has four cars. There is one of every car, except two sleeper cars and two coach cars. The sleeper car is the car my family takes. The sleeper car has comfy beds. The sleeper has three kinds of rooms. The first one is the family room that can sleep four people, the second one is the handicap room it is for handicapped people, and the third room is the berth. It can only sleep two people. One kind of sleeping car has a Family room. It can sleep four people and the rest of the rooms can fit two, they are called Berths. My dad, my brother and I usually get the Family room and my mom and my sister take the Berth.

They have a lounge, which is really fun, where you can read, play cards, you can play video games, if you bring them and you could play games. In between lunch, dinner and breakfast they have a snack place.

They have a dining car where they serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The breakfast is my favorite, they have the continental.  They have good desserts. The last car they have is the coach car. The coach car is for people that canít afford the sleeper car. All the coach car has is chairs. All the cars on the train have an upstairs and a downstairs.

They also have bathrooms and showers. The coach car is a car for people that are going to be on the train for a couple hours. The coach car has cars that can recline, they are really comfy. If you are lucky you get to stay in the last car and you can see the back of the train. I like to travel by train. On the train they have good food, comfy beds, and it is really nice to see all the beautiful scenery.

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