My Cat
Caleb, Age 12, London, ON

My cat is like my best friend. He always sits on my lap purring his head off. But one awful day something bad happened. It all started when I woke up on Saturday morning. "Mom! Where is Rex! I can't find him!" I yelled as I raced downstairs faster than a cheetah.

"Maybe you should look outside dear. He might be out there wondering what to do. I'll pack you a snack for your trip."

"Mom! I don't have enough time to eat. I'm out of here!"

"Okay Bobbie, be back soon," Bobbie's mom stated.

Bobbie raced out of his house and began to look for his poor cat. "Where are you Rex! Come here Rex," Bobbie yelled. But it was no hope. Rex was nowhere to be found. After 15 minutes of looking for his poor cat Bobbie decided to turn back. Then, when he least expected it, he heard a meow. It was Rex sprinting towards him!

"Rex! Come here! I'm so glad to see you!" Finally after a long search Bobbie went home with his cat. That is how Bobbie found Rex, that one horrible day.

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