A Foot, a Nail and Two Friends
Liam, Age 12, Armstrong, BC

At the back of a farm all covered in mud
were bricks of grey and a nail covered in blood.

How, you may ask, was there blood on the nail?
Well if you listen I will tell you the tale.

A tale of two boys around age eight,
Who thought making their own temple would be great.

The two of them set out to the back of the farm,
Not knowing that one would come to harm.

Out of some bricks they found in the reed,
They made their temple but a roof was in need.

So one terrible day while looking for wood,
to make their temple flawless and good.

Suddenly one of the friends heard a blood-curdling scream
The other friend’s foot was impaled by a nail sticking out of a beam.

The uninjured friend offered himself as a crutch
The injured one said thanks very much

When they got back to the house the injured one said,
“I need to go home and have a nice rest in bed”

The boy was fine, he got a tetanus shot,
My only recommendation, if you’re thinking of stepping on nails, do not!

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