The Fox, The Snail and a Helpful Friend Named Trotsy
Danielle, Age 13, Chatham, ON

One beautiful Monday morning in Hooksland, Trotsy the turtle decided to visit his aunt Patricia. But along the way, walking through the forest came a green snail. “Hello,” said Trotsy happily, “Hi!” said the little green snail. “My name is Trotsy, what’s yours?” asked the turtle. “Andrew, it’s nice to meet you,” said the snail. “I have a problem,” said Trotsy. “Do you know which way is South?”

Andrew was puzzled, so he slowly made his way to a tree. “Look here,” said Andrew, “Do you see this green moss?” “I sure do, it’s pretty hard not to miss,” replied Trotsy. “Well where ever the green moss is facing, that means it’s North,” said Andrew. “I get it!” So the opposite side of the moss must be South!” exclaimed Trotsy. “Thanks,” replied Trotsy, “Thanks a lot! Now I can make my way to aunt Patricia’s.” “Bye now!” replied Andrew.

Trotsy was getting pretty tired but he knew he was getting close to his aunt’s house. He sat down on a broken limb and grabbed a few wild berries for along the way. As he was picking berries, the leaves from a bush in front of him were trembling! Trotsy was very scared. “Hello?” said Trotsy, “Anyone there?” But no one was answering. Suddenly out from the tiny bush came a fox. He was gray and looked very mean. “Where can I find the nearest animal hospital?” said the fox in grief, “Um…um sorry sir but this is a forest; there is no hospital in the forest.” The fox looked at Trotsy straight in the eyes, “Are you sure?” asked the fox. “Yes I’m positive,” assured Trotsy. The turtle saw the fox limping like he needed someone’s help. “Are you in need of help?” asked Trotsy, “Well…” humbled the fox, “I did get hurt, not bad though; it’s just that I need to go to the nearest place in town where someone can fix my paw. It hurts very bad,” replied the fox, “It sure looks like it,” said Trotsy in a very worried voice. “ My name is Jowling, what’s your name?” he asked, “My name is Trotsy, and I think I can help you,” he said, “You can? How ?” asked Jowling, “Well my aunt Patricia knows how  to do first-aid. I think she’ll be glad to help you. And I’m on my way there right now,” So the two of them became friends and went off to aunt Patricia’s house, fixed up Jowling’s paw and had warm a cup of green tea and remained friends forever more.

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