Elizabeth, Age 10, San Antonio, TX

Friendship is a very delicate thing. A best friend is hard to find, and even harder to hold on to. I am blessed to have two very special best friends, Amanda and Melissa. We all love horses, play a musical instrument, and like to watch the TV show The Saddle Club. Whenever we are together, we have a lot of fun. We went to the rodeo together and we are even in the same Girl Scout troop. Amanda and I are in the fifth grade at public school and Melissa is in the fourth grade at private school, but when we are together we don't notice the age difference. We like to tell each other about what is going on at our schools, and in our classes since Amanda and I aren't in the same class. Having two amazing friends in the fifth grade has definitely prepared me for middle school. Sixth grade, watch out, because here I come!

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